Claim your piece of the American Dream

Claim your piece of the American Dream

Connect with the Land

Finally! An affordable opportunity to own – and help to preserve – a piece of the American wilderness.* Become a Founding Member of Earthlings Conservancy‘s new Heartland Titles Vivantera Project today. Sponsor the purchase of your very own Conservation Plot, and gain immediate access to photos and videos from the trail cameras at our conservation sites.

Choose Your Own Title

We believe that every land owner deserves an aristocratic title. And, since this is America, you get to choose your own honorific. Whether you become a Lord, Lady, Earl, Baroness, Dame, Sir, Ser, or one of many other prestigious options is completely up to you!**

Every Conservation Plot sponsorship comes with a digital Certificate of Title. If you choose the Half Plot or Full Plot, you will receive both digital and printed copies of your Certificate.

Create a Lasting Legacy

Your investment will fund the purchase and maintenance of Vivantera Project conservation plots across the heart of the USA. Within weeks of your purchase, you will be provided with the Google Earth coordinates for your very own conservation plot. The plot will be conserved in your name for perpetuity, and can be passed on to your heirs, if you so choose.

No Property Taxes, Ever

You will never be responsible for any additional fees or property taxes. We will improve the parcels – clearing any trash or invasive vegetation – and will install new trail cameras so you will be able to view the wildlife and scenery at your own site via the internet.

Visit Your Own Plot, Any Day You Wish

You will also have the right to visit your own conservation plot at any time during daylight hours. Because our goal is conservation, keep in mind that construction, hunting, agriculture, and camping are prohibited on the sites. Daytime hiking, bird-watching, and photography are encouraged.

A Bit of Wilderness, Wherever You Go

If you choose the full plot option, you will be shipped a bagged sample of soil*** from your conservation site. How you use it is up to you. Wear your land over your heart in a vial pendant necklace, bring the wilderness indoors with a terrarium ecosystem, or let your own creativity be your guide.

Order today, and your digital certificate and trail camera access will arrive within three days. Your plot coordinates and soil sample (if ordered) will be something to look forward to in 2024.

*By sponsoring the Vivantera Project, you (or your Gift Recipient) will obtain a personal Right of Access to a designated Conservation Plot. Earthlings Conservancy will remain the registered legal landowner and will manage the plot on your behalf.

**You (or your Gift Recipient) will receive a Certificate of Title addressed to the name and honorific title of your choice. Note that this is for personal enjoyment, only and does not guarantee recognition of the title beyond our Vivantera community.

***Soil samples are heat-treated to remove microbes before packaging and will be shipped following all pertinent regulations.

Heartland Titles is a Program of Earthlings Conservancy

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