Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Rights of Access: Conservation plot sponsorships* provide the Sponsor (or their Gift Recipient) a right to one digital Certificate of Title addressed to their chosen name and title,** access to select footage from Earthlings Conservancy trail cameras, and daylight visiting rights to the conservation site on which the plot resides. Hiking and photography are encouraged.

Visiting rights may be revoked (and a trespass order enforced) if plot owners violate rules protecting conservation efforts at the site. Purchasers who forfeit visiting rights will retain access to trail camera footage.

Prohibited activities include:

  • Trespassing on the property outside daylight hours
  • Use of motorized vehicles within conservation areas
  • Construction, digging, or development of any kind
  • Hunting or fishing
  • Planting, harvesting, or foraging without express written permission of Earthlings Conservancy
  • Smoking or vaping
  • Fires or burning of any kind (including portable stoves)
  • Rock or artifact collecting
  • Disturbing the peace of the place (e.g., playing music, singing, shouting)
  • Parties or loud gatherings
  • Littering
  • Ignoring posted signage
  • Disturbing conservation site neighbors

Conservation plots may not be sold or subdivided without express written permission of Earthlings Conservancy. Plot rights may be passed to the purchaser’s heirs.

Purchasers of Half or Full plots will receive a paper copy of the Certificate of Title by mail.

Purchasers of Full plots will also receive a souvenir soil sample by mail.***

*By sponsoring the Vivantera Project, you (or your Gift Recipient) will obtain a personal Right of Access to a designated Conservation Plot. Earthlings Conservancy will remain the registered legal landowner and will manage the plot on your behalf.

**You (or your Gift Recipient) will receive a Certificate of Title addressed to the name and honorific title of your choice. Note that this is for personal enjoyment, only and does not guarantee recognition of the title beyond our Vivantera community.

***Soil samples are heat-treated to remove microbes before packaging and will be shipped following all pertinent regulations, which vary by region.